D2 Trading Cheats

Trading Cheats
Players have a fascination with items, they often spend days on end fighting the same missions over and over again to locate the best and rarest loot. That said, some individuals prefer using the easy way to procure items: cheating. Although, this system does not involve the typical use of programs or exploits, but rather obvious yet deceitful techniques. I will explain the most basic technique (I would hope this would be used to protect yourself against individuals using this system, instead of using it with wrongful intentions):
  1. A player initiates a trade with an other individual. The two trading parties place their items into the trading blocks, the items from both individuals are usually of respectable value and would be a fair trade.
  2. The cheater’s trickery begins when trade should be nearing completion. He/she will attempt to guess when the other individual is going to click the accept button (both individuals must press the accept button in order for the trade to go through, if there is a change in items after the accept button has been clicked, the trade is nullified), he will attempt to remove the item as the other individual is about to click. If he does everything correctly, he will have removed his own item exactly before the trade partner accepted the trade, hence the other individual has accepted to trade his item for no item at all.
  3. The cheater will do his best to click his own accept button before the trade partner realizes what has happened.

Tips: To figure out if this is being attempted on you: If the trade partner repeatedly is removing his own item and then putting it back. Chances are that he is attempting to swindle you. Don’t forget, if it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.

Another technique follows a similar pattern, but the cheater will not attempt to remove his own item completely from the trade. But instead, he will try to replace it with something similar in appearance but completely different in statistics and value. A great example of something that has happened to me while being overly confident while trading is when I was trying to trade an item for a shako (a unique cap). The individual wanted some rather valuable item that I had, but it was a fair trade for a shako cap. The problem occurred when I was too eager to finish the process and I was not careful to what was happening in the trade screen. What I believe was a few seconds before the trade was to be accepted and completed; he switched the shako cap for a normal and worthless cap. I did not notice it as the items appear exactly the same. To make a long story short, I traded a valuable item for a cap and I was rather annoyed… but more at myself than anything as I had made a stupid mistake; something which I could have prevented if I was paying attention. From now on I understand quite clearly that no one should be trusted as the amount of individuals wishing to steal from you is rather great, almost scary. Remember, if it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.