Battle.Net Chat Commands

/help- (Ex: /help whisper)
Displays usage help for chat topics.

/whois [user]- (Ex: /whois TPark)
Looks up some basic information on a user, including their account number and their current location. This is an excellent way to find your friends online. typing /whois #[number] (E.G. /whois #1).
Aliases for this command : /where /whereis

/whoami- (Ex: /whoami) - displays your information on

/w [user]- (Ex: /w JohnS)
Sends a private message to a user online regardless of the channel they are in. This is an excellent way to let a friend know you are online.
Aliases for this command: /msg /whisper

/ignore [user]- (Ex: /ignore BFitch)
Ignores any future messages from that user effectively muting that user to you.
Aliases for this command: /squelch

/unignore [user]- (Ex: /unignore BFitch)
Allows a previously squelched user to talk to you normally.
Aliases for this command: /unsquelch

/away [text]- (Ex: /away eating dinner)
Displays a message that you are away from your keyboard whenever someone whispers to you or does a /whois command on you. To disable this command, use the command again.

/dnd [text]- (Ex: /dnd sorry playing a game with GFraizer)
"Do Not Disturb" - prevents ALL whispers from displaying to your screen. Its use is similar to the /away command. To turn the DND mode off, just type /dnd without a reason. This will prevent people from sending whispers to you while in a game as well. You are still able to see all normal public channel messages.

/who [channel]- (Ex: /who Open Tech Support)
Displays a list of all users in the given channel.

/stats [user] ID- (Ex: /stats DavidN STAR)
Displays the player's Win/Loss/Disconnect record for both normal and Ladder games.

STAR- StarCraft

SEXP - StarCraft Expansion (Brood War)

W2BNE - Warcraft II Edition

Displays the number of users currently on

Displays the current time.