D2 PvP

Player versus Player
As characters increase their level and find themselves some of the better equipment, they become rather potent players in PvE, but their ability to be successful in PvP match up increases substantially also. Players need to understand that the level of the character and the equipped items determine the success in PvP, as actual player skill has almost nothing to do with determining the final outcome. Those who have collected the best equipment will almost always overpower less potent characters.

A few tips to take in, remember that no one is your friend in PvP. It often happens that you are able to form unofficial alliances with individuals and team up to defeat a stronger opponent. Although, it would be nice to trust everyone, this is a huge no-no in Diablo 2 PvP. The individual wanting to be your 'friend' could actually be the other character's buddy and is just fooling with you, he is waiting for you to exit town and then turn hostile and pin you in sandwich. Obviously, this sounds a bit too paranoid for most, but the overall mood in Diablo 2 PvP is that of distrust. It is usually better to pair yourself with individuals you know personally or go at it alone.

Be careful for body poppers, after killing your character they will deliberately allow you to return to your corpse but they shall be waiting near and as soon as you pick up 'some' of your equipment, they will attack and kill you. They will be attempting to pop the equipment out of your corpse.

Only fight in PvP if they are fair matchups, if your are level 50, try fighting those roughly your level. If you are level 90, find those who are your level (or… bellow).

Always make sure that you have reached the next level and that you are roughly zero experience into your level. As when you die, you will lose a percentage of it. (if you have just levelled, you will almost nothing as you cannot go down a level)

Be careful of amazons, they are probably the most potent of PvP characters as they can attack from a huge distance away. Their arrows will appear out of nowhere and easily kill their opponents, the best way to deal with them is to never let them leave your screen. They are especially problematic for barbarians as their arrow knockback reduces their speed advantage.

The sorceress is one of those pesky kill them all type of characters, her attacks usually do not focus on any single character but rather blast the whole screen with enormous (and effective) spells. They are the ultimate crowd control characters. Be careful, as many sorceress will attempt to be rather sly and appear to be AFK just inside of town but as you exit and enter the wilderness, they will jump out and blast the area with a spell (usually frozen orb).

Player Killing and being afraid!
Every Diablo 2 player will encounter, at some point or another, the infamous player killers (a.k.a PKs). These are individuals who participate in griefing and who love to annoy other players. They often are individuals with very high level characters, able to fight with the more powerful types and come out on top. They will join a game and attempt to figure out where everyone is located and once they have gathered the required information? They change their status to hostile and immediately run outside the town and track down their prey. They will attempt to kill as many as they can and also prevent them from reaching their bodies. If they have the chance, they will also attempt a body 'pop' (a situation where a player who has only half picked up the items from his body will drop all in-inventory items upon his death). The easiest way to stop any player-killer encounters is to join passworded games, where you personally know all the individuals (and which reduces the chances of player killer, unless it is done as joke which is also likely of happening). If you do find yourself running away from a hostile player, attempt to reach the town as quickly as possible as it is the only true safe zone available to you. Another option would be to try and hide in the deepest regions of the map, as obviously (unless he is using hacks, which he may be) he cannot search every single area in due time. If the player-killer searches for individuals yet is not able to find any in a reasonably amount of time, he will most likely leave the game and move onto another preying ground as if his element of surprise is removed, it becomes rather difficult and frustrating for him to do much of anything.