D2 Items - Finding Items and Trade

Effective Trading
To be rather effective in the interesting ways of a Diablo 2 trader, a player must understand the fundamentals of protection and spotting good deals. A trader will understand the player economy’s value on the various items available and be able to spot the okay deals, the good deals and the plain rip offs (hopefully you will be doing the ripping off! That is without being a sneak). Remember, knowing each and every item is essential! You will not get anywhere without knowing them inside out, as you are liable to not correctly understand the value of items on the marketplace. Obviously, you don’t want to be selling the most valuable in-game item for a pet rock now would you? Also be sure to understand ways to protect yourself from individuals trying to steal from you, to get the better end of the deal. These individuals are called cheaters and unfortunately Diablo 2 has its large share of these despicable people. To find games where the individuals are participating in trading, merely lookout for games named ‘trading’ or something similar. Also watch the battle.net trade channel as some of the better stuff can be found there and in some instances, rather favourable trades can be accomplished with a bit of bargaining.

Finding the best darn loot
Diablo 2 is as popular as it is now, years after it has been released, for a very simple reason: The loot. The general Diablo 2 population plays for one simple reason, to find the best darn loot available and show it off. I have to say, I play the game for the exact same reason, why else would I do the same mission over and over again? But, there is technique involved in finding the best items as they just so happen to be rather rare, almost like four leaf clovers. You see, for every superb item dropped, thousands of regular and worthless ones are found. The only way to beat the system is to try and play with the odds. The technique is rather basic, but it does the job. You must attempt to play as much as you can and kill all the creatures you face, but this must be done in the correct areas and difficulty. You see, the harder the opponents the more likely they are to drop killer equipment. An example is Diablo, he will often drop some okay loot on normal difficulty, good loot on nightmare and great loot on hell. The trick is to repeatedly kill these bosses at the highest difficulty you can (and are able to do it with relative ease and speed). These situations are called ‘runs’, you attempt to bypass all non-item giving creatures and reach the good stuff. The rather popular technique individuals have been using for quite some time now is the famous ‘Meph run’ (Mephisto run, act 3) as he is very easy to reach and not much of an opponent once you reach a high enough level. He almost always drops unique and rare items, although you probably need to do it rather often in order to pick up anything very valuable. It is often time consuming and after awhile it comes rather boring, but if you are dedicated to finding the best and rarest loot, doing ‘runs’ is the simplest and most effective to accomplish your goals.