D2 Shrines

Mana Recharge Shrine
Effect: +400% mana recharge rate
Duration: 96 seconds

Armor Boost
Effect: +100% Defense
Duration: 48 seconds

Combat Boost
Effect: +200% to Attack Rating, +200% min and max damage.
Duration: 48 seconds

Resist Fire Boost
Effect: +75% to resist fire
Duration: 48 seconds

Resist Cold Boost
Effect: +75% to resist cold
Duration: 48 seconds

Resist Lightning Boost
Effect: +75% to resist Lightning
Duration: 48 seconds

Resist Poison Boost
Effect: +75% to resist poison
Duration: 48 seconds

Skill Shrine
Effect: +2 to all skill levels
Duration: 96 seconds

Stamina Boost
Effect: Unlimited Stamina
Duration: 192 seconds

Experience Boost
Effect: 50% more experience per kill
Duration: 144 seconds

Effect: Fills health and Mana
Duration: -

Health Shrine
Effect: Fills health
Duration: -

Mana Shrine
Effect: Fills mana
Duration: -

Portal Shrine
Effect: Opens a portal to the Town in the act
Duration: -

Fire Shrine
Effect: All players and monsters lose 1/2 current HP when struck by the Fireballs Attack
Duration: -

Monster Shrine
Effect: The nearest monster becomes a Unique or Champion monster
Duration: -

Gem Shrine
Effect: Upgrades a Random Gem or Skull in your Inventory or gives a chipped Gem or Skull
Duration: -

Exploding Shrine
Effect: Gives player 5-10 exploding potions and tosses out 5 exploding potions in random directions/distances
Duration: -

Poison Shrine
Effect: Gives player 5-10 Poison gas Potions & Creates ring of Poison gas around shrine
Duration: -