D2 Bosses

The Big Boss and his little friends (or not so little)

Andrial is the first boss creature which you will meet, she is rather large and imposing, especially when considering the size of the imps which have to be mowed down before being able to reach her (not merely one imp either, but legions of them!). She is rather tough when taking on with a character not high enough of a level, as she does have some rather impressive area of effect spells which are not to be taken lightly. But she is no match for a well balanced team, even if they are not the most powerful. Just beware of her poison attack, as it can be rather harmful. And for your own benefit, do run when she comes running after you. The minions which surround her should be taken care of, preferably before Andrial causes any trouble.

Durial: He is one of the most despised bosses of the game, this is because the area which characters must face off with him is rather constrained and can often lead to the death of many of them because they are overwhelmed as soon as they enter his tomb. He is protected by many of his followers, which must be dealt with at the same time as the big boss himself, otherwise players will be killed off due to attrition.

Mephisto is one of those guys whom everybody hates to fight against as not only is he rather tough for those facing him (assuming they are of the level which typically faces him) but he is also backed up by a horde of creatures which are rather pesky to deal with to say the least. The good thing is, if you have a high level of concentrated fire upon him, he wonít last all that long. But beware of his powerful lighting spells and his melee attacks, otherwise he will ravage the team without end (that is, until the characters die!) and make it rather difficult for characters to reach their body and stay away from harm until they are ready to fight again.

Diablo is the big boss man, often referred to as Big D and he serves the name quite well. Diablo is one of the tougher bosses the reach as you must attempt to pass through hordes and hordes of powerful creatures and following that, you must open the necessary seals which themselves release powerful creatures. After opening all the require seals, Diablo is released! He is a rather tough creature, as he can not only run extremely fast, but has many powerful spells at his disposal. The best technique is to try and pin him down and fire upon him from a distance. Barbarians and Paladins can try and lay smacking on him and they are typically able to deal quite a bit of damage, but they will also suffer a great deal at the hands of Diablo. The best technique for melee fighters is to try and deliver quick blows and then retreat, regroup and attack again. A tip for item hunters, when Diablo is about to die, chances are that everyone will attempt to get closer to him in order to quickly get near his corpse and pick up his dropped items, so be ready to do the same. If you are a sorceress, try using telekinesis to pick things up from a distance.

Baal: His area is filled with tough minions which must be dealt with before reaching his throne. Baal has an interesting ability, he can create duplicates of himself which technically have no value at all. If you attack the Ďfakesí, you are merely taking damage and you must try to locate the real Baal. As far as how difficult he is, he would be in the average range, but his minions are quite hard and need to be attended to carefully in order to not die before having even reached the last boss. Donít forget, the drops some interesting loot.