Battle.Net [Bnet] Info

Battle.Net is Blizzard's flagship multiplayer system which has been operational for many years now and it has become extremely popular due, on the most part, the popularity of the games utilizing the technology as well as the ease of use. The system is set up through a pee-to-peer system, rather than using in-house servers to run the various games off of. Meaning, when a player decides to join game XYZ, he is actually connecting with an other user's computer.

Two varieties of Battle.Net [in regards to Diablo 2] exist, open and closed. Open Bnet is now running rampant with cheated characters, hacks and exploits as blizzard allows players to use their single-player characters when participating. Closed, on the other hand does not allow the use of single-player characters but rather forces the gamer to create a multiplayer only character on his Bnet account. The characters are located on Blizzard servers and this is done to prevent the use of many exploits and hacks. The large majority of gamers play on closed due to it's more genuine gameplay, as unlike Open; most characters are levelling up without the aid of external sources and their equipment has been most likely found by the corpse of one of their foes and not uploaded by a trainer.