D2 Hacks

Diablo 2 is one of those games which players have and still love to hack, cheat and deceitfully increase their standing and strength. Luckily for the folks who like playing for fun and only for fun, many hacks have been made available. Although the practice is rather rampant these days, Blizzard is not taking the issue lightly. They have been known to ban the cd-keys of individuals who have broken their rules.

Various Diablo 2 Hacking Concepts:

Duping: Duplicating an item, wide spread use causes the devaluation of items [Stone of Jordan as an example, the SOJ used to be common currency but now is rendered almost worthless because of the number of individuals walking around with duped SOJs]

Maphack: Allows players to see everyone on the map, incredibly useful for player-killers as they can see their targets instead of having to try and find them.
Auto-Aim:Players use this type of hack in order to be effective in pvp.

Examples of released hacks:
MapHack's for 1.10
JHJ's and Sting's maphack, based on Mousepad's old versions and featuring Anti-Detection.

D2 Loader (No CD loader) by Onlyer

D2HackIt by thohell

PickIt for 1.10 by Zoid

Onlyer Tools Package
Featuring: ShowCDKey, CDKeyChanger and D2Loader by Onlyer

D2 Dark
D2DarkXP is an external D2Hackit made for Diablo II & Diablo II LoD Patch 1.10.

TPPK, AnniGrab and much more by netterrr

CloneHunter 2.1
Clone hunter...hunts for clone! Made by Snarg

ShutUp 2.0
Auto-squelcher for Battle.net chat. Made by Snarg

Prevents hacks to be detected. Made by JHJ.

Bnet Gateway Editor
Allows you to add custom realms to diablo,starcraft, or any other blizzard product.

PvP autoaim by Paul[Le]

PvM Engine
PvM autoaim by Paul[Le]

HC Hack
Allows you to play Hardcore without beating the game. Made by Comi.

Grab the Annihilu's Charm anywhere. Made by by nhnhnh.

Use wp's without the 10 second delay. Made by by nhnhnh.

Autoaim, Chicken (Anti-TPPK, Life), Auto-TP and TPPK in one. Shoot autoaimed missles, tp to town and hostile fast. Made by by nhnhnh.

God-Mode by Sindercat, Darawk and dark_teferi

Auto Pickit/Tele in Town. By Shady-OwNzZ