D2 Mods

Programs which alter the gameplay of a game are called 'mods' and Diablo 2 features a relatively large variety of them. They can be downloaded and installed, after which the in game world will be quite different than how it was originally envisioned to be. These are typically used after the game has been completed and the player wishes to spice things up a bit. Note that mods cannot be used in multiplayer unless all players are running the exact same version and only on Open Bnet (hence, not practical for hackers). These mods cannot be used on realm servers.

Creating a mod

Many programs are needed in order to be able to successfully create mods, they fall under the following categories:
  • Diablo 2 MPQ Viewer
  • Tab Sheet Editor
  • MPQ compiler
  • DC6 converter
  • Tbl Editor

A mod manager such as Diablo II Mod Manager V0.1 is also a perquisite (makes things much simpler).