D2 Bots

Diablo 2 features a wide variety of available bots, they are often used for easy, quick levelling and/or repeatedly slaughtering high level creatures in order to find some crazy loot. Other bots are simpler in nature; they hang around in battle.net and post in various channels [made to appear human, but they are essentially spamming].

Examples of available bots:
  • AcePindleBot 0.32b
  • Diablo II Player Simulator
  • Ace Spambot 1.5
  • PindleRate Silver 1.6
  • Rishodi's PindleBot 1.3
  • rootguys pindle bot 1.06c
  • Cerb's "The Follower" 1.00b
  • mm.BOT 5.23
  • JHJ PindleBot
Blizzard does not like the idea of bots all that much, especially when it comes to Battle.Net spamming programs. But, nevertheless, they are quite interesting and fun to play around with in single player.